Dev Edmonton Society Board

  1. Board Compostion

    The Dev Edmonton Board consists of 7 members filling three year terms. Every year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) elections will be held for any open positions. Details on how to apply and other information regarding the roles are posted on our board recruitment page.

    Dev Edmonton Society desires to build a board with diverse perspectives that reflect our community.

    A new board was elected at the society’s AGM on January 23rd 2021.

Current Board

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    Ian Phillipchuck


    Slack @Ian Phillipchuck
    Ian Phillipchuk is a Manager, Software Engineering at Jobber. Professionally, he does Software Consulting, Mobile and Web Development, as well as managing software teams and client projects.

    At Dev Edmonton, he wants to grow the society to do more to help all the Devs in Edmonton, from providing resources for Meetups and Conferences for veteran developers, and helping new devs find their way and their first opportunities.

    Personally, he's probably getting fragged in Destiny 2 PVP for the bajillionth time, or building Lego with his kids.
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    Lauren Briske


    Slack @laurenbriske
    Lauren Briske is a Product Manager at Areto Labs. She is a passionate supporter of the startup and tech community and knows that a thriving tech ecosystem grows on the shoulders of a strong community.

    Through the Dev Edmonton Society, her goal is to empower local leaders to contribute to a growing community and to welcome more students, experienced developers, and aspiring developers into this great community.

    When she’s not working or volunteering, she’s probably riding down a mountain somewhere on skis or bikes.
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    Mandy Meindersma


    Slack @Mandy Meindersma
    Mandy Meindersma is a Backend Developer. She loves web development, teaching kidlets about computing science and hardware (making robots, light up costumes and IoT type of things).

    She has loved getting more involved with DES through YEGWIT (Edmonton Women In Tech), CODEVID-19 (COVID-19 Hackathon) and now being able to help with organization and memberships!

    Outside of tech she absolutely loves acro yoga, her cat Goose, and writing letters.
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    Abram Hindle

    Member At Large

    Slack @Abram
    Abram Hindle is an associate professor of Computing Science at the University of Alberta. His research focuses on problems relating to mining software repositories, improving software engineering-oriented information retrieval with contextual information, the impact of software maintenance on software energy consumption, and how software engineering informs computer music.

    He likes applying machine learning in music, art, and science. Sadly Abram has no taste in music and produces reprehensible sounding noise using his software development abilities.

    Abram received a PhD in computer science from the University of Waterloo, and Masters and Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Victoria. Contact him at
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    Jeremy Nickurak

    Member At Large

    Slack @Jeremy
    Jeremy Nickurak is a resiliency lead for Dotdash Meredith in SRE/digital-operations, focused on making the process of stuff going bad go better.

    Jeremy loves staying connected virtually and in person with the growing Edmonton development and technology space, meeting new folks, and telling stories of years of technology going well and poorly.

    Jeremy is passionate about git, python, and outside of tech, loves playing the ukulele.
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    Celia Nicholls

    Member At Large

    Slack @Celia Nicholls
    Celia has finished her Web Design and Development in the Digital Media and IT program at NAIT (although she sometimes feels as though she should have gone into pest control, she spends so much time debugging).

    Her strengths include UX/UI and responsive design, front-end development and content creation. She is passionate about helping to increase student engagement with Dev Edmonton as a way to pay forward all the mentorship and help she’s received from devs in the community.

    In her free time, she enjoys writing and drawing comics and dabbling in esoteric crafts like needlepoint and macramé.