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August 16-17th 2019


DevelopEd brings Edmonton’s developer community together to solve problems that matter. Built with the spirit of inclusivity, the event encourages developers and community members of all backgrounds and skill levels to do great things together.

This unique face-to-face venue is a spring board to kickstart new sustainable projects throughout the rest of the year. Success will be measured in terms of what was accomplished, not what was planned or discussed, so come prepared to roll up your sleeves!

A huge thank you to DotDash and all our other generous sponsors, without whom this event wouldn’t be possible!


Get passionate, then be ready to pitch your project and join a team Saturday morning.

Bring a laptop, join Slack, and get on the WiFi.

Be kind. Be patient. Be open. Read the Code of Conduct.

Talk to an organizer if you have a question or are in distress.


This is a new kind of event for organizers and attendees, which we’re tentatively calling an OrgJam.

Friday night attendees gather, socialize and start planning, then Saturday we pitch ideas and hit the ground running. After a long day spent building awesome projects, we gather in the evening to share and celebrate our creations!

Important Times

All events are taking place at Startup Edmonton, located at 10359 104 St NW, unit #301

Date Time Description
Friday August 16th 17:00 Doors and registration open, food arrives
  17:30 Orientation & introductions
  18:30 Wrap-up
Saturday August 17th 08:00 Doors open, food arrives
  08:00 Pitches start going up on wall
  08:50 Pitching ends
  09:00 Orientation
  09:10 Open mic for 1-minute pitches
  09:20 Teams form, WORK STARTS!
  12:00 Lunch
  17:00 Project demos
  18:00 Food, drinks, and celebration
  19:00 Head out for drinks, etc.

Before You Attend

Prepare Your Pitch

What most excites you about living and working in Edmonton? Is there a cause, technolgy, or opportunity you want to address? What other cities should Edmonton share the stage with? How do we do that?

Now, prepare your most convincing argument, as you rally Edmonton’s most passionate developers to your project!

Remember, that to succeed you’ll want to find ways, big and small, for the community to contribute and sustain the project after DevelopEd 2019 wraps. Think about how to tap into the communities passions and focus those around a common platform, tool, or initiative.

You’ll have Friday night to start sharing your idea, meet other interested attendees, and make a plan. Then, first thing Saturday morning we’ll break into teams and get to work!

Join Us On Slack

Real time coordination before, during and after the event will happen on the #dev-edmonton-society channel on our Slack. If you haven’t already join the Slack as you won’t want to waste time after the event has started.

Don’t feel like you have to wait for DevelopEd to say hello, as many of the other attendees are on Slack already. It’s also a great place to meet and chat with other local developers all year long!

What We Provide

  1. Power points with power bars
  2. WiFi
  3. Breakout rooms
  4. Whiteboards
  5. Projectors / Televisions
  6. Pens and paper
  7. Downtime couches with games
  8. Snacks, beverages, and meals (thanks to our generous sponsors!)

If you need anything else please let one of the volunteers know.

What To Bring

  1. A laptop
  2. Any medications
  3. Any stickers you’d like to share
  4. Anything else you need to make your project a success!

Behaviour and Conduct

DevelopEd is meant to be a welcoming and connecting event, so please, introduce yourself and share your skills and passions with those around you! Try to be like pacman and leave room in your circle for someone new to join!

Part of the society’s mission is to build a diverse and welcoming developer community in Edmonton. DevelopEd, and all Dev Edmonton Society events, provide a safe and harrasment free environment to all attendees. If you’ve questions please read our complete Code of Conduct, speak with one of the event organizers, or reach out to

If you see or experience harrasement, or want to report a concern please reach out.

Please, also note that some people may be working at Startup Edmonton or using the space for other purposes so please try to keep volume and disruptions to respectful levels. If a door or office is locked, please check with a volunteer if it’s available or off limits.

Getting To Startup Edmonton

Startup Edmonton is located downtown in Ice District, on the corner of 104th Street and 104th Ave in the Mercer Building. Doors will be open so come up to the 3rd floor when you arrive.

When you arrive, enter through the glass doors under the green “Startup Edmonton” sign, and take the stairs up to the third level. The door handle on the bright green door on the third floor does not turn, just pull and the door will open!

There is an elevator in the building as well, please reach out to Mark Bennett on the Dev Edmonton Society Slack for assistance.

Parking is available on the street and in lots throughout downtown. You’ll find the best deals a few blocks south of Startup Edmonton but can often get a good rate on weekends. Please be aware that parts of 104th Street will be closed Saturday for the farmer’s market.

Startup Edmonton is also accessible by bus, train or bike. Please consult the ETS trip planner or Google Maps for current transit information and times.

Bring A Donation

Startup Edmonton is collecting donations for the United Way’s Tools For Schools Program. If you’d like to support us, consider bringing some school supplies with you. The collection box is located against the wall behind the check in desk when you reach the top of the Mercer stairs.

Here’s a list of what they’re looking for.

Kindergarten - Grade 3
Grade 4 - Grade 6
Grade 7 - Grade 12

When You Arrive

When you first arrive, there are a few things to know.

Check In

To your left as you reach the top of the stairs in the Mercer Building, you’ll see the check in desk. There should be someone waiting there to great you, so say hello and collect your name tag!

To make everyone feel welcome, we also supply optional pronoun stickers for your name tag. Blue means he/him, red for she/her, and green means check my name tag or ask.

Along with this, we’ve got the yellow stickers. If you’re comfortable with the code of conduct and are okay with people asking you for help, or just striking up a friendly conversation then stick one of these on. If you’re attending an event for the first time, have a question, or want to chat, then someone with a yellow dot is there to talk. Please remember, if you’re in distress or it’s an emergency to contact an event organizer.

Once you’re checked in, head on to the social space!

Share Your Pitch

As you arrive, it’s time to start thinking about your pitch and the project you’d like to champion. When you’re ready find a piece of paper and some tape, then stick your idea up on pitch wall so people can vote on it. We’ll also set aside some brief time on Saturday morning for you to share a one-minute pitch in person.

Get On The WiFi

We all know that WiFi is essential at events like these, and Startup Edmonton now has a solid fibre optic connection ready!

SSID: Startup_Edmonton
PASS: Community1

Let one of the event organizers know if you’re having trouble getting online.

Say Hello (Slack / Social Media)

Once you’re settled, say hello to the other attendees! Don’t forget to join us on Slack!

If you’re into social media please use the hashtag #developed2019.

Bathrooms & Services

Bathrooms are located just off the kitchen in the north east corner of the space. Ask an organizer if you need help finding them.

Sticker Table

Did we mention there will be stickers? So as not to crowd the venue we’ll provide a special table for sharing and swapping stickers. Bring some for your friends!

After The Event

DevelopEd is meant to grow the Edmonton developer community, and to start new projects, so things don’t really end when everyone goes home. There are lots of ways to carry on the work you start here, and to make Edmonton the city you want it to be.

Stay In Touch

Get active on the Dev Edmonton Society Slack, come out to events at Startup Edmonton and elsewhere, and exchange social media and contact information with other attendees. If there was someone who’s name or email you missed please contact and we’ll pass on your information to them.

Share Feedback

As this is our first iteration of DevelopEd, you can consider yourself a beta tester, so feedback and suggestions are welcome. Reach out at!

Getting In Touch

Should you have questions, feedback, or concerns you can reach us by email to, on Slack, or in person.


A huge thank you to all our sponsors for their support in planning and hosting this event. Your support makes a difference in the community. It is appreciated!