Dev Edmonton Society

Fostering a stronger software development community in Edmonton.

We are made up of people who believe that an impactful, diverse, and collaborative developer community enriches us all. We realize this vision by sharing knowledge and ideas, understanding the community and its needs, promoting events and initiatives, and supporting technology meetups and organizations.

What We Do

Support Meetups & Events

If you're a technology meetup or event organizers, we've got your back!

From online streaming tools, equipment and training, to event support, organizer training, and venues we're here to help developers run awesome events about the tools they love; without having to start from scratch on their own.

Connect Community

Technology changes faster everyday, and a great technology community needs to stay connected if we want to keep us.

Through our active Slack, mailing list, events, and online outreach we provide many ways for the Edmonton technology community to come together.

Provide A Platform

Beyond just connecting meetup and event orgranizers with great online and in-person venues and resources we provide access to a variety of supports to help local technologists build the community they want to see, wherever that may be. Share your ideas on our Slack!

Get Involved

As A Developer

There so many ways to get involved in the Edmonton developer community!

Get started by joining our Slack and make sure to say hello in our #introductions channel where one of our friendly community members will help you find your way.

As An Event Organizer

If you're like us you're probably a developer keen to start a meetup or organize an event for your favourite language or technologies. We've been there, and want to help!

Whether it's sharing best practices, streaming and recording resources, fundraising, or just lending a friendly ear we want to share the lessons we've learned and let you focus on running successful and engaging events!

As A Business

Whether you're a growing startup or an established player the Dev Edmonton Society can help your understand the tools and technologies shaping your business.

Supporting and growning the Edmonton tech community takes many shapes, from simple financial donations to direct engagemenent by providing speakers, venues, resources and donations of employee time. We want to help your business grow and find a community of technologists passionate about the tools you need to succeed!

Meetups We Support



YEGRB is Edmonton’s local Ruby Meetup. Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.



Exchange.js is an open community of local developers and designers, who meet monthly to discuss a wide range of topics within the JavaScript ecosystem.

Mobile Dev Meetup-logo

Mobile Dev Meetup

Edmonton Mobile Developers is a community of programmers, designers, and hackers interested in mobile development. We discuss a broad range of topics and technologies relevant to the mobile ecosystem while sharing knowledge and experience.



We hope to foster a strong, supportive, and proficient Python community in the Edmonton area. Everyone interested in any aspect of Python development is welcome to join.

Go Meetup-logo

Go Meetup

Go is an open source programming language that enables the production of simple, efficient, and reliable software at scale. Edmonton Go is a meetup to collaborate, discuss, and learn Go.

Edmonton .NET User Group-logo

Edmonton .NET User Group

The Edmonton .NET User Group is a non-profit organization which empowers the IT Professionals and Developers using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Meetup Dev Ops-logo

Meetup Dev Ops

DevOps YEG is a platform for DevOps enthusiasts and professionals to share best practises and knowledge around managing modern software development operations.

Edmonton R User Group-logo

Edmonton R User Group

The Edmonton R User Group (YEGRUG) is an R-enthusiast group hosting events on data wrangling to visualization and web development with R. Learn R, hone your skills, network, all skill levels are welcome.

Edmonton Women In Tech-logo

Edmonton Women In Tech

YEGWIT aims to build a strong and safe group for women, diverse genders, and allies in tech with the goal of fostering engagement and opportunity, providing mentorship, and creating community. We are establishing a group that allows individuals to share ideas, concerns, thoughts and actions, to create an equitable environment within the industry.