Meetups We Support



#meetup-ruby on slack

YEGRB is Edmonton’s local Ruby Meetup. Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.



#meetup-javascript on slack

Exchange.js is an open community of local developers and designers, who meet monthly to discuss a wide range of topics within the JavaScript ecosystem.



#meetup-edmontonpy on slack

We hope to foster a strong, supportive, and proficient Python community in the Edmonton area. Everyone interested in any aspect of Python development is welcome to join.

Edmonton .NET User Group-logo

Edmonton .NET User Group

#meetup-dotnet-edmug on slack

The Edmonton .NET User Group is a non-profit organization which empowers the IT Professionals and Developers using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Edmonton R User Group-logo

Edmonton R User Group

#meetup-r on slack

The Edmonton R User Group (YEGRUG) is an R-enthusiast group hosting events on data wrangling to visualization and web development with R. Learn R, hone your skills, network, all skill levels are welcome.

Edmonton Women In Tech-logo

Edmonton Women In Tech

YEGWIT aims to build a strong and safe group for women, diverse genders, and allies in tech with the goal of fostering engagement and opportunity, providing mentorship, and creating community. We are establishing a group that allows individuals to share ideas, concerns, thoughts and actions, to create an equitable environment within the industry.

Weekly Dev Chat-logo

Weekly Dev Chat

Weekly Dev Chat is a place to ask questions, hear different view points, and get to know your fellow developers. Every week there is an initial topic posted to get the discussion started. Sometimes we discuss the initial topic the entire chat, other times the topic changes several times through the natural flow of the conversation. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join as long as you are kind, supportive, and respectful of others.

Edmonton Data Science Community-logo

Edmonton Data Science Community

#data-science on slack

The Edmonton Data Community aims to build a safe space for folks in the data space to connect, share knowledge and grow together. Whether you want to talk about Python for Data Analytics or how to transform business requirements into data science products, this will be the place for you.



We meet on a monthly-ish basis to discuss security, drink beer, and socialize. If you're into that sort of thing then you should probably join us. If you hate waiting, and who can blame you, you're more than welcome to join us in Slack. Tweet @yegsec for an invite!